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Any time is a good one to visit Madrid. Throughout the four seasons, Madrid is always a temptation to visit it. Its streets, shops, entertainment spots, monuments, exhibitions, concerts, tapas restaurants, parks, an endless cultural offer… you will always want to come back!


Madrid Río has become a magnet for locals in its short time of existence. The fountains, parks, paths and bars that crowd it are hugely popular in the afternoons.

Madrid by bike

You bring your bicycle and we will put the city at your feet so you can cycle around it. A bicycle lane located in front of the building will take you to the park of El Retiro in just 3 minutes. From there, you can cycle around the park and its like and stop off at a nice terrace; the Art Triangle; Madrid Río by bike… Of course, we will keep your bicycle in storage when you arrive.

Art Triangle

Prado Museum | Reina Sofía Museum | Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Rarely can you find so much art in such a small space. Madrid offers you three art centres of international prestige that are just a stone’s throw from each other.

As well as their permanent collection, they are famous for their temporary exhibitions that take place all year long and that make them an attractive option to visit over and over again.

Although it is known as a triangle, in the same area you can find the CaixaForum, the Botanic Garden and many art galleries and cultural centres.

Eating and drinking

In Madrid, gastronomy is culture, leisure and business. The gastronomic offer is incredibly varied: in Madrid you can enjoy anything from homemade cooking to the most transgressive and innovative cuisine. We have international cuisine from around the world and the best and freshest ingredients. Some of the most surprising dishes of contemporary gastronomy are prepared in Madrid’s kitchens.


Madrid has a unique nightlife scene in the whole world. There are places to go out in, dance, laugh, talk, flirt… Going out at night here is a culture generator. Madrid’s nightlife has all the tones and colours you can think of, the most minimalist chill-out spots, the most suggestive clubs, goth clubs, underground bars, crazy after-hours and nostalgic dance floors.

In the morning

Prado Museum

For many, the Prado Museum is the best museum in the world. It exhibits old royal collections and, since the Spanish kings from the past were great fans of art, in the Prado we can find works by artists such as van der Weyden, El Bosco, Rubens, Fra Angelico, El Greco or Tiziano, among others. However, the Prado stands out above any other museum for its great collection of Velázquez and Goya, two of the greatest Spanish painters of all time. In one morning you can focus on one of the artists or do a tour of the 10 masterpieces of the Prado Museum.

El Retiro

El Retiro is everyone’s favourite park in Madrid. Many people come here to do sport, go on a boat ride, skate, visit an art exhibition or have a drink on one of its terraces. It has a lively, friendly and bohemian atmosphere.

In the afternoon

You will never get tired of walking around Madrid, especially in the Habsburg District (Madrid de los Austrias). In this part of the city, between the Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Oriente, you can see most of the palaces and convents of the golden century, the Siglo de Oro, which is how the 17th century is known in Madrid, when the city was the see of the Habsburg court. Here’s a tip: put the map away for a couple of hours and get lost in the streets. You will go through sinuous landscapes and little cosy squares, where there is always a traditional tasca where you can have something to eat or drink, a Baroque church or a secret garden. During your walk you will come across San Miguel market, the Palacio Real and the Teatro Real.

First day

  • The day begins in the Puerta del Sol. After standing on the famous kilómetro cero (where all Spanish roads begin) and taking a few photos of the statue of the Bear and the Arbutus (the symbol of Madrid known as the Oso y el Madroño in Spanish), go on Calle Arenal and you will reach the Teatro Real, a theatre known to many simply as La Ópera.
  • Opposite the theatre is the Plaza de Oriente and, right behind it, the majestic Palacio Real, the royal palace that you can visit with a guided tour. After, you can enter the Almudena Cathedral, the most important religious building in Madrid which is located next to the palace.
  • If you take Calle Mayor you will arrive at Plaza de la Villa, one of the main hubs of medieval Madrid that used to hold the City Hall up until recently. Carrying on down Calle Mayor you will get to the Plaza Mayor, an ideal area to eat in tapas restaurants or the famous bocadillo de calamares, fried-squid sandwich. Nearby is Calle Cava de San Miguel, which also offers many options to eat in.
  • If you keep on Calle Mayor you will once again arrive at the Puerta del Sol, where you can go up Calle Preciados, one of the main commercial arteries of the city, until you get to Plaza del Callao. From there you can walk on the lively Gran Vía avenue, which will take you to Plaza de España.
  • If you take Calle de Ferraz you will reach the Temple of Debod, a gift from Egypt that is over 2,200 years old. You can spend the rest of the afternoon walking around the gardens that surround it and have dinner in one of the areas that you enjoyed the most throughout the day.

Second day

  • The second day begins at 10am at the Banco de España Metro stop, to see the famous Fountain of Cibeles, one of the most representative and beloved symbols of Madrid. Walking on the Paseo del Prado you will come across the Madrid Stock Exchange on the left and the Monumento to the Fallen for Spain next to it, in Plaza de la Lealtad.
  • If you carry on walking on Paseo del Prado you can observe two of the city’s most famous hotels: the Ritz and the Palace. Between them is Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo, where the majestic Fountain of Neptune rises.
  • A few yards from the fountain is the Prado Museum, one of the best museums in the city where you can admire some of the masterpieces from artists such as Velázquez, El Greco, El Bosco, Goya and Rubens.
  • When you leave the museum, keep walking on Paseo del Prado, leaving the Botanic Garden to one side, and you will reach Atocha train station, one of the places that suffered the worst consequences in the terrorist attacks of March 11th 2004, known as 11-M.
  • After going around the station, take Calle de Alfonso XII to go into El Retiro. If you are lucky enough that the weather is good, the park is usually very lively, full of children, people strolling, musicians, magicians and other street artists.
  • Leaving the park and keeping on Calle de Alfonso XII you will arrive to the Puerta de Alcalá, one of Madrid’s most representative monuments. After taking a few photos, take Calle Alcalá and walk back to the Fountain of Cibeles, from where we offer various options depending on your taste.
  • The first option is seeing Plaza de Castilla and Las Cuatro Torres, one of the most modern areas of Madrid; if you prefer museums, we recommend the Reina Sofía Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum; football fans, especially Real Madrid fans, can visit the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Madrid for you: with the family

Madrid is a great city to enjoy with your family: from theme parks with fun rides and many outdoor activities to activities designed for children to enjoy.

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

Nothing better to leave stress and boredom to one side than to spend a day enjoying the amazing leisure offer in this theme park: stunning roller coasters, refreshing dips in the rapids, thrills in the heights or quiet walks surrounded by nature, in Madrid’s Casa de Campo.

Madrid Zoo Aquarium

Elephants, gorillas, exotic birds, koala bears, dolphins, sharks, giraffes, kangaroos, bears and even farm animals. All the animals in the world are in Madrid. To meet them, you just have to go to the Casa de Campo and enter one of the most important zoos in the world.


Visiting Faunia is seeing, listening and hearing. The richest ecosystems in the world, as well as many different natural habitats and environments meet in this biological park, an alternative to your leisure options in which education on nature and animals is the main topic, a place where the kids are going to have the time of their lives.

Parque Warner

Feel like a movie star for a day, experiment the dangerous tasks of Hollywood stuntmen or high-five your favourite cartoon character… All of this is possible in Parque Warner in Madrid, one of the most spectacular theme parks in the world and a bottomless source of fun and adventure.


Today, you can be as big as you want. Micropolix is a complete miniature city where the children are the stars of the show: pilots, doctors, journalists, cashiers, firemen… today they can be whatever they want to be!